Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Episode 39 Review

Sharks can fall in love too as we discovered with this episode’s outing of Pasta, Clones, and appearance by not “new Shaider”.


Before we get to the meat of the episode, Kubar experiments with the power he stole from Bang Ray; such has how he cannot create memory clones from his own memories or from other memory clones. It’s a good idea for him to test drive these new powers.


Now, Sela is the Tomboy of the Zyuoh Girls, not interested in Cute thugs and being a bit colder when it comes to expressing her own feelings. Being put in the sights of a seemingly slippery pick-up artist is a new thing for Sela, only to later see he is actually a hard working guy who would put himself in-front of an attacking monster to protect some one. I know the other, especially Amu, didn’t like the sounds of this guy, but stalking them while they are out on a Date is kind of creepy.


To no ones shock, the dude (played by Hiroaki Iwanga) is a memory clone sent to split the Zyuohgers up, yet he retains something of a will, since he comes clean to Sela (after being Struck by her Purity) and later takes a hit for her. It’s even hinted at the end Sela might actually still like him, not knowing what/who he really was.

My Thoughts:

First off, the opening scene with Kubar was a perfect set-up to episode as it techinically foreshadowed what Iwanga’s character was. That was something actually enjoyed about the episode, because it is rare to actually see a villain test their own powers in modern a Sentai. Normally, it seems the just get a grasp of it then rush right into the middle of things; this probably to further characterize Kubar’s calculating personality. Then since this was a Sela-centric episode, it showed us that even a girl like Sela can fall for a guy who treats her right. Many fans like myself thought they would not focus too much on her compassionate/loving side towards the opposite sex, or aside from those loose ship-like moments we have scene with Yamato. Yet, do not get me wrong I feel the main ship is Yamato/Miaso … Nah, it is Yamato/Amu however all shipping is highly ambiguous in general. Never the less, it showed a side we rarely get to see from everyone’s favorite ‘Bae from the Sea’!

Rating: 4 out of 5

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