Dragon Ball Super Preview – New God of Destruction & the Survival Stadium

The newest issue of V-Jump is currently out in Japan, and this time features a preview for the Universe Survival Arc, the upcoming arc in Dragon Ball Super. The Universe Survival Arc will pit all the known universes against one another in a tournament to decide which one will be destroyed. Universe 7’s team which is lead by Beerus will feature both, Android 18 and the returning Android 17, shown in the image below. Could this mean that there is a tag-team portion to this new tournament?! That we do not, but that could be a possibility as to explain 17’s awkwardly return within the series.


Yet, that is not the big news from the particular image as stated by this article’s title! The big news is that we have been finale shown another new God of Destruction, and his accompanying angel. The new God, as shown below is a green dwarf-like character who is also a ginger. Whereas, his angel is most likely another sibling or relative to Whis! The stadium in which this will all take place in, is called the Survival Stadium which also looks like a gigantic top.


The Universe Survival Arc is slated to begin February 5th with Akira Toriyama overseeing designs and plotting. Also confirmed is that the anime will be receiving a new introduction performed by Kiyoshi Hikawa entitled “Gentaki Toppa x Survivor”.


Source: Crunchyroll

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