Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Film Announced

Recently the Dragon Ball Panel at Comic-Con@Home 2021 was held and during the panel they revealed new details for the next Dragon Ball film. The next film will be titled, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,” and is set to premiere sometime in 2022.

First, the panel revealed a few thoughts from Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama. While he did not show up in person to the online event, his editor, Akio Iyoko presented his thoughts for him.

Akira Toriyama wrote the following notes about the film.

An all new movie since “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” is currently in the making!
Just like the previous movie, I’m heavily leading the story and dialogue production for another amazing film.
I really shouldn’t talk too much about the plot yet, but be prepared for some extreme and entertaining bouts, which may feature an unexpected character.
We’ll be charting through some unexplored territory in terms of the visual aesthetics to give the audience an amazing ride, so I hope everybody will look forward to the new movie!

Next, the panel revealed some concept arts include several character models and a look a Piccolo’s house. Additionally, the panel revealed a look at the film’s villain, however the character’s name was not revealed at this time.

Lastly, the panel revealed a look at some test animation for the film. The team confirmed that the animation revealed during the panel is not fully reflective on the final product and is used more as a preview of how the characters will move in the film. The preview can be seen roughly around 21:50 in the video.

While these are some major highlights for the panel, those who are interested can view the panel in its’ entirety above.

Source: San Diego Comic Con 2021 @ Home

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