Electronic Arts & Lucasfilm Games Announce New Star Wars Video Games

Earlier today, the official Star Wars website updated with an announcement that EA and Lucasfilm Games are currently developing three Star Wars video game productions. One of the projects will be the next game in the “Star Wars Jedi” franchise while the other games will be a strategy and first-person shooter games. The website has also confirmed the head directors of the three projects. Stig Asmussen of Respawn Entertainment, will be the head director of the next game in the “Star Wars Jedi” franchise. Peter Hirschmann will be helming the first-person game, while Greg Foertsch has been hired as a head of a new studio to work on the strategy game. The project will also be a joint collaboration between Respawn Entertainment and Bit Reactor. No other details about the projects are available at this time so stay tuned for updates.

Seeing as Jedi Fallen Roder turned out to be an amazing game I am excited to see what the new projects will entail. Seeing that there is a new first-person shooter game is in the works it makes me wonder if we will see a remake or a retelling of Dark Forces leading to the return of Kyle Katarn in the Disney canon. Not sure exactly what kind of “strategy” game is in the works, but it may turn out good.

Source: Star Wars


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