Star Trek Universe Toyline Revealed By Playmates Toys

It’s been 30 years since Playmates Toys first released Star Trek the Next Generation action figures and toys, and now after a lengthy absence, they’ve returned. With five Star Trek shows currently in production, having a dedicated toyline seems like a logical decision. Announced back in July 2021, Playmates Toys will return to the Star Trek Universe in 2022 and we have our first look at their offerings.

5″ Action Figures

The first batch of reveals is the action figure line-up. First up we have three figures based on the iconic 1982 film, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. We have figures based on Admiral James T. Kirk, Captain Spock and the titular Khan Noonien Singh. Next up, three figures based on Star Trek: The Next Generation: Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander William Riker and Lt. Commander Data. All three figures are based on the uniforms used in Seasons 3-7 of TNG. Lastly, we have two figures from Star Trek Discovery: Commander Saru and Commander Michael Burnham. Saru is based on his uniform from Seasons 1-3, while Burnham is distinctively features her Season 2 hairstyle.

All of the action figures are listed as being 5 Inch or 1:14 Scale which places them in a similar size class to Playmates’ 1992-99 figures as opposed to their small line of 3.75″ figures for the 2009 film. The Wrath of Khan and Next Generation figures will be packaged in “Nostalgic Packaging” while the Discovery characters will be packaged in “New Universe Packaging”. No word yet on accessories or stands like the vintage action figures had.

Electronic Ships

The first ship in this new line-up is the Original Series Enterprise. The ship measures at 21 inches long and includes lights and sounds. The ship includes a clear plastic stand with an articulated arm. This stand is an upgrade from the classic ship stands which did not have articulated stand arms.


Of no real surprise, the first Role-Play item is the Original Series Phaser. This classic piece of Star Trek history has been made as a toy many times before. This newest version is notably more silver than previous versions. The Phaser is listed as having lights and sounds but no word on if the Type-1 Phaser portion can be removed from the top.

Release Date

All of the toys revealed are listed as being “available online in July 2022 and in stores this fall” as well as future figures being revealed later this year for a 2023 release. No prices were announced today with this reveal. The future seems bright for Star Trek toys and stay tuned to Hero Club for future news and reviews!

Hero Club’s own Soundout12 has a reaction video for these reveals which you can check out right now!

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