[Interview] Actor Yasuhisa Furuhara, Engine Sentai Go-Onger’s Go-On Red

Good evening Heroes, today Hero-Club is presenting its newest interview, which is with Engine Sentai Go-Onger’s Yasuhisa Furuhara. Yes, our guest is none other than the man who portrays Go-On Red/ Sōsuke Esumi, in the Super Sentai series. However, besides appearing in Super Sentai, Furuhara-san has been in other tokusatsu productions. Specifically, the 2011 film Karate-Robo Zaborgar a remake of 1974’s Denjin Zaborger, and Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga. In addition, Furuhara-san has recently launched a YouTube channel in 2022 where he discusses his life, and work in tokusatsu. As a result, fans currently consider Furuhara-san as a Super Sentai brand ambassador, as he features interviews with series alumni. Furthermore, this upcoming weekend, Furuhara-san will be making his first North American convention appearance at Japan World Heroes. Nevertheless, our interview with Furuhara-san looks to discuss practically everything we just covered from this introduction. So, without further ado, we hope readers enjoy our time with actor Yasuhisa Furuhara!


Question 1: What inspired you to become an actor, and did tokusatsu play any part in your decision to do so?

Furuhara-san: Between the ages of 5 to 18, I lived in an orphanage. There I grew up in an abusive environment, being bullied often, but due to that I acquired a very strong competitive spirit. Then when I was old enough to leave, the guardian in charge practically forced me to get a job delivering newspapers. However, shortly afterwards I was scouted, and decided to join the entertainment field. 


Whereas, during my childhood I loved superheroes. I began watching Super Hero Time sometime between when Kamen Rider Black RX aired, and DragonRanger Burai appeared in Zyuranger.


Question 2: How did you get part of Sōsuke/ Go-On Red, and what was the audition process like?

Furuhara-san: I failed the audition four times, however, I think I passed on my fifth try. Also, I wanted to be a Kamen Rider actor, so during my Super Sentai audition, I did a Kamen Rider pose.


Question 3: Once obtaining the role did you and your co-stars undergo any bonding exercises to get acquainted with each other, or did your friendship just casually emerge?

Furuhara-san: Our friendship casually emerged from shooting together from that one year.


Question 4: What were your favorite aspects from the production like the suits, the stunts, the screenplay, etc.?

Furuhara-san: Well I was moved by the transformation scenes, since the first episode. Seeing the moments without the helmet, and shouting “Met On,” I could feel my personality emerge. Also, I really loved the “Met Off” parts during scenes.


Question 5: What was it like playing off the characters like the Engines and Bomber, especially since they were props or effects?

Furuhara-san: It was a very difficult experience for us since we were unable to see our CG partners. So, the Engine’s casts were moved during some scenes to indicate when their characters were talking. Originally, I was not really used to interacting with the Engines, but slowly I got used to it. Thankfully, the voice actors helped us during the filming, it was a good lesson for us, and it became a fond memory.


Question 6: In Episodes 35 and 36, Sōsuke is temporarily killed off by being turned into a rusted statue. What were your thoughts when you initially received the scripts for those episodes, plus looking back at those episodes how have your opinions changed on them? 

Furuhara-san: At first, I was shocked, and thought that this was the first time the red leader died, based on my memory. However, even without Sōsuke, viewers can see a stronger bond form within the team. So, I was really moved by everyone as they were fighting for Sōsuke. Then when I read in the script that I would defeat Yogostein in a one-on-one duel, I felt proud to beat a boss, but also felt lonely in doing so.

Ep 36 Sōsuke… Eternally – Go-Ongers without Sōsuke

Question 7: Besides discussing Episodes 35 and 36, do you have any personal favorite episodes or moments from the series?

Furuhara-san: Surprisingly, episode 8 is one of my favorites, as it strengthened the bond between me and Speedor. Especially, since one of the themes for Go-Onger was how we worked with our Engine partners. Speedor is so energetic, but also a cute character. Additionally, I really loved being Sōsuke-Banki in episode 12.


Question 8: When it came to the final days of shooting Go-Onger, what was the atmosphere like for you on set?

Furuhara-san: Well everyone was sad that the show was ending, but we also saw it as going on to do more things. Also, I knew we would meet again six months later for Go-Onger vs. Shinkenger, so I was not too sad. Currently, my castmates and I are still on good terms with each other, so we hang out regularly.

Furuhara-san & Go-Onger Cast Celebrating His 37th Birthday

Question 9: Following Go-Onger, you have returned a few times, like in the Shinkenger VS film, Gokaiger, and 10 Years Later. What is it like to be able to come back to the franchise, and work with other teams?

Furuhara-san: Sōsuke Esumi got to meet Reds like Jan and Takeru Shiba, so by meeting them I think it made him more interesting. Like having my fiery Red that fights through any obstacle interacting with different teams adds intrigue for the viewers too. Also, since Speedor can cross various dimensions, I hope to come back more, and collaborate with other teams. 


Question 10: Before we discuss your YouTube Channel and work with other Super Sentai alumni, can we ask you about your other tokusatsu roles, like the 2011 Zaborgar film or Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga? If so, what was it like being featured in those productions?

Furuhara-san: Well for Zaborgar, I was at a drinking party, and was asked if I was good at doing fiery characters. I replied I was good at it, and proceeded to chug some liquor in front of the producer. Then afterwards I was told that is not how that specific type of alcohol is supposed to be consumed. Although, from that meeting it was decided within 15 minutes that I would be in the film.


Question 11: What led to your decision to make your YouTube channel and focus it specifically on Super Sentai rather than being a variety channel?

Furuhara-san: First of all, I wanted to collaborate with my favorite heroes and colleagues. Also, I want to allow people to know more about tokusatsu and myself. So, I plan to include videos about Ultraman and Kamen Rider too. Currently, my team and I are looking to add subtitles in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, etc. However, we need volunteers who can help with this, so for those interested, please contact me on Twitter or Instagram. (laughs)


Ultimately, I hope that many fans will like to learn about me and tokusatsu. Also, if my channel’s viewership increases, I can expand into other fun projects that are typical for YouTubers.


Question 12: With your channel, how did you manage to get your colleagues and alumni from older series to appear as guests?

Furuhara-san: It is pretty funny because we have strange connections, like all Sentai actors are somehow connected. For example, Sho Tomita who portrayed Abare Blue was my senior in elementary school.

From left to right: Toshihide Wakamatsu (Black Condor), Ryousuke Kaizu (Red Mask), Juri Miyazawa (Ginga Pink), Kei Shindachiya (Five Blue), Kenta Satou (Red Turbo), Michiko Makino (Pink Five), Furuhara-san (Go-On Red)

Question 13: Do you have any particular goals set that you want to accomplish with the channel

Furuhara-san: Of course, I would like to have one million subscribers, though I am realistically aiming for 100,000.


Question 14: We are unsure if you are aware of this, but on social media, international fans currently regard you as a brand ambassador for Super Sentai. So, what are your opinions on receiving this title from the fans?

Furuhara-san: I feel honored, however personally it feels a long way off. So, in order to help, I hope fans please support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel.


Question 15: From what we understand you have also been watching Power Rangers, and enjoying its take on Super Sentai. What are your opinions on Power Rangers as a brand overall?

Furuhara-san: I have only seen some Power Rangers in Japan, but I am very happy that the suits and transformation items we use get utilized in the United States. I really respect how our shows make new ones.

Question 16: Also, building off the previous question, in regards to Power Rangers RPM, have you seen it? And if so, what were your opinions on the show and the changes it made to Go-Onger?

Furuhara-san: No, I have only seen clips and short videos on Instagram, but I hope to see it all one day.


Question 17: What are you looking forward to about traveling to Japan World Heroes this year, and do you have plans to attend other international conventions?

Furuhara-san: I am very much looking forward to meeting people from all over the world. I think that the fans outside of Japan have a different style of passion. So, I am looking forward to seeing that at Japan World Heroes. However, when regarding other conventions, I am waiting for and interested in offers to travel.


Question 18: Finally, do you have anything you would like to say to your fans around the world?

Furuhara-san: Please continue to support me with Mach Full Force (Mach Zenkai)! And together, let’s build my YouTube channel, Yasuhisa Furuhara TV!


Now, this concludes our interview with Mr. Yasuhisa Furuhara, to which it was an honor for us to have here at Hero-Club. Additionally, fans can try reaching out to Furuhara-san through his social media pages on both, Twitter and Instagram. Furthermore, we insist that people should subscribe to Furuhara-san’s YouTube Channel, as soon as possible to see his awesome content. Next, we would like to mention that some questions were contributed by our friends, UkiyaSeed and Toku_Gami. Whereas, readers can once again thank our translating team which consisted of site regulars, ProtomanV89 and Touma Kaito. Finally, like our previous interviews with Japanese guests, the original transcript is available to read below for native Japanese fans. Although, for readers in Japan, please note that Google Translate may alter the original transcript, so turn it off immediately:


Q1: 俳優になるきっかけを教えていただけますでしょうか。特撮は俳優になる原因でしょうか?

A1: 僕は5歳から18歳まで養護施設(孤児院)で育ちました。






ブライ、仮面ライダーはBLACK RXが世代でよく見てました。


Furuhara-san with Ryota Ozawa

Q2: 古原さんはどうやって走輔/ゴーオンレッドの役割をもらったですか?オーディションのプロセスはどのようなものでしたか?

A2: 4回オーディションに落ちて



Q3: 役割が決まった時、他の俳優さんとアイスブレイクセッションがありますか?それとも自然に仲良くなったんですか?

A3: 共に1年間戦う仲間ですので、自然に仲良くなりました


Q4: 番組の収録時、一番好きなのはどれですか?例えばスーツとか、スタントとかまたは脚本など。

A4: 1話です。最初の変身は感動しました。



Q5: エンジンやボンバーなどのキャラクターは道具またエフェクトなので、撮影時はどうでしたか?その時と雰囲気を教えていただけますでしょうか。

A5: 何もかもが初めての経験でしたので見えないCG相手に演技するのはとても大変でした。


Ep 36 Sōsuke… Eternally – Sōsuke Beats Yogostein

Q6: エピソード35と36で、宗介は錆びた像になって一時的に殺されました.それらのエピソードの台本を最初に受け取ったときの感想と、それらのエピソードを振り返ってみて、どのように意見が変わりましたか?

A6: 最初はショックでした。





Q7: 35話と36話いがい、古原さん個人的に好きなエピソードや瞬間はありますか?

A7: 8話の最高ノキセキです。



Promotional Image for 10 Years Grand Prix

Q8: 最後の収録の雰囲気を教えていただけますでしょうか。

A8: 寂しさと同時に新たなスタートに向かう皆の気持ちが伝わってきました。




Q9: ゴーオンジャーの後、古原さんはシンケンジャーVS、ゴーカイジャー、Ten Years Grand Prix、などの特定のプロジェクトのために戻ってきました。スパー戦隊に戻ってきて、他のチームと共演できるのはどんな感じですか。

A9: 江角走輔は志葉丈瑠やジャンなど 







Q10: YouTubeチャンネルについて話し合う, 他のスパー戦隊同窓生と協力する前に、2011のザボーガー映画とウルトラマンオーブThe Origin Sagaでの他の特撮の役割についてお伺いできますか。もしそうなら、それらの作品に出演するのはどんな感じでしたか。

A10: ザボーガーはたった15分の飲みの会でお話が決まりました。熱い役が得意か?と言われて 




Q11: バラエティチャンネルではなくスーパー戦隊の番組だけのYouTubeチャンネルを作成する理由を教えていただけますでしょうか。

A11: まずは特撮と僕を沢山の方に知ってもらう為に自分の大好きなヒーローとのコラボを優先的にやっていこうと想ってます。仮面ライダーやウルトラマンも視野に入れています。





Furuhara-san with Sho Tomita (Abare Blue) & Kaoru Abe (Abare Black)

Q12: 古原さんのチャンネルでは、どのようにしてほかのキャストをゲストとして出演させることができましたか?

A12: 皆さん不思議な繋がりからです。



Q13: チャンネルで達成したい目標はありますか?

A13: 登録者数100万人です 



Q14: 古原さんがこれを認識しているかどうかわかりませんが、ソーシャルメディアでは現在、海外のファンは古原さんをスパー戦隊のブランド大史と見なしています。では、ファンからこのタイトルを受け取った感想は何ですか。

A14: 光栄に思います。




Q15: 私たちが理解していることから、古原さんはPower Rangersを見て、スーパー戦隊を楽しんでいます。ブランド全体としてのPower Rangersについてどういどう思いますか。

A15: Power Rangerは一部しか見れていないのですが、僕達の実際に使ったスーツや変身グッズがアメリカに渡り新たな作品として生まれ変わることについてはとても嬉しく思いますし  



Q16: 前の質問に繋がる、アメリカ版のゴーオンジャー, Power Ranger RPMは見た事がありますか?もし見たら、ご感想をご感想をお聞かせください

A16: ダイジェストやインスタグラムで流れてくる動画でしかまだ見れていません。



Q17: 今年のジャパン ワールド ヒーローズについて、一番楽しみにしている事は何でしょうか?また、他の国際大会に参加する予定はありますか?

A17: 国を超え海外の方との交流ができることをとても楽しみにしてます。




Q18: ファンに一言お願いしてもいいですか?

A18: これからもマッハ全開で応援してくれよな!


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