Excite Bike – Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 4 Review

Playing with the review format exploded in my face something fierce, so back to the more recap style.


Emu starts up bummed that he lost the Mighty Action X Gashat, but he can’t dwell on that for long as Coroner, Kujou Kiriya that also knows about Emu being Ex-Aid and having lost his Gashat, enlists him to help his Bugster infected friend. The Gemn CEO drops by CR to dump some exposition about how Gashats and the game they are based on are different, along with how only one of each Gashat exists.


Kiriya goes to see the Ex Doctor, Taiga as we learn that he black mailed the Gemn corp to get himself a Gamer Driver, having discovered Zero Day for himself. All 4 Driver owners gather, just as Kiriya’s friend transforms, forcing him to Transform in to Kamen Rider Lazer Lv. 1.


Snipe joins in but Lazer is able to split the Virus from his buddy, who then forms a Dirt Bike and races off. Lazer kicks it to Lvl. 2, but Emu is more concerned with the paitent and Lazer’s pursuit fails as he needs a Rider for Bike mode to work properly. While this happens Snipe and Brave tangle, only to be both bested by Kamen Rider Genm and his Garishly colored Mountain Bike.


Back at CR, we learn that Kiriya’s friend’s sister was kidnapped by Graphite, who then infected him. Emu and Kiriya have a talk, where our Coroner claims to have lost a dear friend to Zero Day. The two agree to work together.


They meet the Virus on the Race Track and Race. Lazer is able to beat the Bug, and a Bakusou Critical Strike for the Win. Girl saved, everyone is happy, until Genm appears again. This is also when Kiriya reveals that he had lied to Emu about the dead friend just to beat the virus. However, Genm ups the ante to Level 3, merging with Shakariki Sports and easily owning both Riders.


My Review: We were introduced to yet another Rider within only 4 episodes in, though it is one that turns in to a Bike and that is a change for sure. The exposition about Gashats was a welcome, plus Genm keeps on just appearing, attacking and leaving without a word is a good way to build up the mystery. Our first Level 3 Rider was a treat to see as well. In all, a solid episode that gave us a good idea what kind of guy, Kiriya is going to be moving forward.

Rating: 4 out 5

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