Fantasy Strike Fighting Game Announced

Recently a new trailer revealing a new fighting game has been posted on the official Playstation Youtube channel.  The game is called Fantasy Strike, which is marketed as an “deceptively simple” controled fighting game.    The game is early in development by ex- Street Fighter dev, David Sirlin.  The characters in the game are based on the characters featured in his card games called Yomi and Puzzle Strike.

Introducing Fantasy Strike, a deceptively simple fighting game for everyone.

The Fantasy Strike team is lead by David Sirlin, an ex-Street Fighter dev. The game emphasizes controls so simple that even non-fighting gamers can play, yet is still appropriate as a competitive e-sport. The characters are from Sirlin’s card games such as Yomi and Puzzle Strike, finally come to life in fighting game form.

This video shows early, pre-alpha footage and is not representative of final graphics quality.

The game will launch on the Playstation 4, but currently the release details have not been confirmed so stay tuned for updates.

Source: Playstation Youtube, Fantasy Strike

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