Fire Emblem Engage Story Trailer Streamed

Nintendo has recently updated their official Youtube channel with a new trailer for Fire Emblem Engage. For those who are not aware, the game is the latest title in the Fire Emblem series that was first announced during the September 2022 Nintendo Direct. The latest trailer features a deeper look at the game’s premise and a showcase of several of the new characters. Keep in mind this trailer features some spoilers to the game’s story so watch at your own discretion. Fire Emblem Engage will be released on January 20, 2023.

Ever since the game was announced I have been hyped for this game since the setting was interesting. While it is not new to see previous heroes return to the franchise, the way it is setup is very unique compared to the usual side missions in previous games that usually did not involve the main story. In conclusion, I think this will be another game in the franchise.

Source: Nintendo


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