TWK Reviews Episode 46: Racing Through Mario Kart 64 on the Nintendo Switch

Hello there everyone, TDub here once again with another video game review. This time I am looking at Mario Kart’s debut into the world of three dimensions, Mario Kart 64! Now, believe it or not, Mario Kart is 25 years old which means it might be older than Hero-Club’s audience. So, please excuse me whilst I start yelling at some clouds like a typical old man.


Anyway, I will not be looking at the original Mario Kart 64, but the version available through Nintendo Switch Online. As a result, I had to fork over a pretty penny to gain the privilege to play this classic game. So, let’s see if I got my money’s worth, or if Nintendo should be paying me to play this. Nevertheless… THIS IS MARIO KART 64!

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