Getting Guud – Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 3 Review

The roster keeps growing as we add another Doctor Rider to the game, but this one has zero shits to give.


The ball gets rolling as Dr. Emu (ka Ex-Aid) is having to deal with yet another difficult kid, this one being scared of Doctors. He predictably runs off, and succumbs to the Bugster virus within him due to the stress of being around Emu.  That’s when disgraced Doctor Taiga enters the game, first confronted by Graphite and his human buddy, then the Virus as Kamen Rider Snipe Lvl. 1.


Snipe is able to quickly separate the kid from the virus, but it just summons up its Minion (this time as soldiers, befitting a FPS game) and attacks. Snipe fights them as Ex-Aid and Asuna get the kid out of harm way only for him to start vanishing like the other infections.


An Info dump on Taiga and a visit by Dr. Hiro (aka Brave) to the Genm corp. Later, Emu confronts Taiga in his old office. The Bugster attack though, since they stressed the kid out, who has also just been kidnapped.


One bad guy call out later, Ex-Aid, Brave and Snipe engage the Virus again, with Snipe leveling up to Lvl. 2 and gaining the Gashacon Magnum. Much gunplay and respawning enemies make for interesting fight, with Ex-Aid charging in to a hail of bullets and giving the finishing blow… only for Snipe to Critical Strike Kill-steal, taking the Mighty Action X Gashat from Ex-Aid because he “Won”.


My Thoughts:

This was a good episode, introducing yet another Rider who really doesn’t care about anything, except getting all 10 Gashats and eradicting the Bugsters by any means. It honestly adds to the whole disgraced doctor theme that Snipe has going on for him.  I really enjoyed his introduction, and he may become my favorite Rider in the show seeing that I tend to excessively play shooters.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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