Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare Announced

Japan receives multiple Mobile Suit Gundam video games a year, but very few seem to make it over to the West, especially mobile games. This lead to quite the surprise when it was revealed that Bandai Namco’s upcoming mobile game, Gundam Breaker Mobile, will be released in North America as Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare. This new mobile game is based on the Gundam Breaker video game series which is very popular in Japan. However, the Gundam Breaker Series hit a wall with the release of New Gundam Breaker in 2018 which ended up being a critical, and commercial failure both in Japan and North America. This is also most likely the reason behind the decision to rename the game for its North American release.

The game will feature the classic Gundam Breaker gameplay with large field battles and the ability for players to pick up new parts to customize their Gunpla however they wish (within reason). Based on the trailer, the game will be played entirely in portrait mode and have very deep customization menus. Also, being featured is a brand-new story mode featuring new animation and new characters. The game is scheduled to release this Summer 2019, and pre-registration is available for Android and iOS devices. The iOS app store lists it with an August 21, 2019 release date which is when the game is expected to arrive.

Source: Bandai Namco YouTube Channel

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