Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise First Wave Gunpla Revealed

During the Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise live-stream, Bandai revealed a multitude of new Gunpla kits based on the new Gundam anime series. Following the stream, they opened a website for the series and provided information for release of the new kits. Included in the Build Divers Re:Rise line are HGBDR, SDBDR and a Haropla kit.


Among the HGBDR line-up is a new format of Gunpla debuting with the featured Gundam of the series, the Earthree Gundam. This new style of Gundam features a Core Gundam as well as an armor unit. The armor unit can become a vehicle for the Core Gundam as well as combining with it to become the full Gundam mode. Naturally, the armors can be used with multiple Core Gundams and armors feature infinite possibilities with customization. Also, there will be new Build Custom sets sold, featuring weapons and other accessories.


In addition to the HGBDR line, we also have the reveal of our first SDBR kit which appears to be a dragon that can convert into an SD Gundam. To top things off, there is a Haro made to be a Zakurello. Check out the full rundown of all the newly revealed kits down below!


HGBDR 1/144 Earthree Gundam – 1540 yen October 2019

Includes Core Gundam, Earth Unit, Rifle, Shield, Stand

HGBDR 1/144 Gundam Justice Night 2200 yen October 2019

Includes Sword, Lance, Black Wing, Shield

HGBDR 1/144 ν-Zeon Gundam 3410 yen November 2019

Includes Zeonic Sword, Beam Blade, Thruster x4, Pedestal for Sword

HGBDR 1/144 Core Gundam (Real Type Color) & Mars Four Unit 1540 yen November 2019

Includes Core Gundam (Real Type Color), Marse Four Unit, Rifle, Shield

HGBDR 1/144 Core Gundam (G3 Color) & Vieux Unit 1540 yen November 2019

Includes Core Gundam (G3 Color), Vitorux Unit, Rifle, Shield

HGBDR 1/144 Gundam Zeltzam 2420 yen December 2019

Includes Large Lance, Shield Launcher

HGBDR 1/144 Eldorabrut 2,200 Yen December 2019

Includes Shibata

HGBDR 1/144 Vieux Weapons 660 yen October 2019

HGBD R 1-144 Vieux Weapons

Includes Joint Parts

HGBDR 1/144 Mars Four Weapons 660 Yen October 2019

Includes Joint Parts

HGBDR 1/144 Injustice Weapons 770 Yen December 2019


Includes Lance, Shield, Cloak, Joint Parts

HGBDR 1/144 Mass Production Type Zeonic Sword 990 Yen December 2019


Includes Zeonic Sword, Pedestal For Zeonic Sword

SDBDR Valkylander 1430 Yen November 2019

Haropla Zakurello 825 Yen December 2019

Haropla Zacreloharo

Source: Bandai Hobby

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