Gundam Build Fighters A-R Concludes Next Month

The June issue of Kadokawa’s Gundam Ace magazine released yesterday in Japan. The current issue announced that the Gundam Build Fighter A-R (Amazing Ready) manga will end in the next issue releasing on May 26.


The Gundam Build Fighters Amazing Ready manga launched in January 2016, as a sequel to the Gundam Build Fighters Amazing manga. Both series feature the Build Fighters’ character, Tatsuya Yuki/ Meijin Kawaguchi III as its protagonist. Gundam Build Fighters Amazing focuses on Tatsuya’s childhood, and how he got into Gunpla Battle; whereas, Amazing Ready is set during the 6th World Championship. Both series are credited to writer, Tomohiro Chiba, and artist, Kiyoshi Konoyo. Furthermore, Gundam Build Fighters Amazing has been compiled into five volumes, and A-R is currently on its fourth.


Source: ANN

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