Gundam.Info to Stream GBF Try Island Wars

Today, it was announced that Gundam.Info will streaming for a limited time the Gundam Build Fighters Try Island Wars special, beginning on August 21. The special will be playable on PCs and smartphones, featuring English subtitles for the international audience. The time span for the special’s availability is unknown and it is uncertain how long it will be free for, so fans should immediately watch this special as soon as it goes live on the 21st!

Synopsis of the Special:
The Try Fighters team have been invited to the Nielsen Labs on a tropical island, as test pilots for Yajima Trading’s new battle system. However, due to bugs in the new system, they find themselves on standby at the lodging facilities.

As they wait expectantly at the resort-like lodging facilities, Sekai and the others encounter the trio of Shia, Minato, and Gyanko, who have also been invited as test pilots. And a puzzling mystery awaits the rivals who have been reunited on the tropical island…

Now the Try Fighters face their biggest challenge!

Source: Crunchyroll

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