Gundam NT Press Conference Teases Additional Anime Projects

Yesterday, Sunrise held its press conference for the unveiling of the newest Gundam project, Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative (Gundam NT). During the event a visual was presented that consisted of the pre-existing Universal Century productions, as well as official side stories like the ones presented in the video games. In addition, the visual features a section for future productions that will either release alongside, or after Gundam NT. However, the reveals are not confirmed to be in production or green-lit, Gundam Unicorn novelist Harutoshi Fukui, exclaimed to the audience “pretend you didn’t see that visual.”

From the visual seen above it lists Gundam NT, as well as these two other projects:

  • Universal Calendar 0103:
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash
    Film trilogy — Fall 2019 or later
  • Universal Calendar 0104:
    Mobile Suit Gundam UC2
    Overseas drama format — 2022


International fans maybe unaware of Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash, as it is a three-volume series written by Gundam creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino. The series focuses on Bright Noa’s son, Hathaway Noa, in the aftermath from Char’s Counterattack. Whereas, most fans of the Gundam franchise can easily assume that Gundam UC2 is a sequel to Gundam Unicorn. Yet, as stated above these are titles currently being planned for production within the “UC NexT 0100 Project;” it is still uncertain if these teased productions produced or cancelled, so fans must hope for the best.


Source: ANN

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