Gundam The Origin – Eve of the Red Comet Premiere Date & Details Announced

Originally announced during the Mobile Suit Gundam’s 40th Anniversary Project launch event on November 21, 2018, the TV broadcast version of Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin finally has details on its premiere. The 6-part OVA will be recompiled into a 13 episode broadcast version for television. This is similar to Mobile Suit Gundam UC re:0096 which was a 22 episode recompilation of the 7-part OVA series.


The recompilation will be titled Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin – Eve of the Red Comet in order to differentiate the TV version from the OVA. It remains to be unknown what will be cut from the OVA version but due to the length of the recompilation, it is unlikely there will be new footage added to the series itself.


Eve of the Red Comet will contain brand-new Opening Credit and Ending Credit animations and newly composed songs. There will be a total of three opening theme songs for the series, all of which will be performed by the band Luna Sea. The first opening will be titled “Sora no Uta ~Higher and Higher~.” Whereas, the ending themes will be performed by artist SUGIZO, who is also the lead guitarist and violinist for Luna Sea. In addition, SUGIZO will also provide the theme song for the upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam’s 40th Anniversary Project.


Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin is the anime adaptation of the 23 volume manga series of the same name, which debut in 2015 and concluded in 2018. Gundam The Origin‘s theatrical OVA release was done in two parts. The first part, the Chronicle of Char and Sayla Arc was four 60 minute long episodes and the second part, the Loum Arc, was two 90 minute long episodes.


Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin – Eve of the Red Comet is set to air on NHK-General every Friday beginning on April 29, 2019. There is no word yet on whether or not there will be a simulcast for worldwide audiences. The GundamInfo YouTube channel has simulcast several Gundam series in the past and it is likely they will broadcast this series as well. Stay tuned for further news and updates on Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin – Eve of the Red Comet right here on Hero Club. 


Source: Gundam Info

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