Hasbro Pulse Con 2021 Day One Reveals

Hasbro Pulse recently held their Hasbro Pulse Con presentation, which revealed several new product reveals within their various properties. Today, Hasbro focused on Power Rangers, Transformers, and Star Wars. Keep in mind pre-orders for most of the reveals will open at around 5 PM EST at the various online retailers. The reveals include:

Power Rangers


Lightning Collection

  • Power Rangers Dino Fury Red
  • Power Rangers Dino Charge Pink
  • Power Rangers Zeo Cog
  • Power Rangers Wild Force Silver

Deluxe Assortment

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pirantishead
  • Power Rangers In Space Blue with Galaxy Glider

Lightning Collection Lord Zedd Helmet


Pulse Con 2021 Exclusives

  • Lightning Collection Pudgy Pig

Transformers Legacy


  • Skids
  • Dragstrip
  • Arcee (Transformers Prime)
  • Kickback


  • Bulkhead (Transformers Prime)

Leader Class

  • G2 Laser Prime

Pulse Con 2021 Exclusives

  • Deluxe Class Ravage
  • Leader Class Galvatron Unicron Companion Pack

Star Wars


Vintage Collection


Specialty Wave

  • Anakin Skywalker 
  • Mace Windu 
  • Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Ahsoka Tano


  • Mandalorian (Maldo Kreis) with Grogu and Ice Spiders 
  • Nevarro Cantina

Troop Builder – Hasbro Pulse/ Shop Disney

  • Rebel Fleet Trooper Set

Star Wars The Black Series


  • Mandalorian (Maldo Kreis) with Grogu and Ice Spider – Target
  • Cobb Vanth


  • Mayfeld – No Pre-order today
  • Boba Fett (Tython) – No Pre-order today

Galaxy’s Edge – Disney Parks/ Shop Disney – Later This Year

First Order Set

  • First Order At-At Driver
  • General Hux
  • Mouse Droid
  • Imperial Astromech

Droids Set

  • KX-series droid
  • Pit Droid
  • BB Unit
  • Babu Frick

Creature Set

  • Kowakian Monkey Lizards X2
  • Mynok
  • Porgs X2
  • Bogling

F/X Leia Organa Lightsaber – The Rise of Skywalker



Star Wars the Black Series

  • Figrin D’an
  • Leia Ewok
  • Security Droid

Star Wars the Vintage Collection

  • Arc Trooper Jesse
  • 332nd Ahsoka Trooper
  • Mandalorian Super Commader Captain
  • Mandalorian Trooper Disguise (Morath)

Pulse Con 2021 Exclusives

  • Star Wars Vintage Collection Emperor Palpatine’s Throne Room
  • Star Wars the Black Series Trapper Wolf
  • Star Wars the Black Series The Power of the Force Cantina Showdown

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