Hasbro Pulse Fan First Friday – Power Rangers

Earlier this morning, Hasbro Pulse held another Fan First Friday that focuses on the Power Rangers brand. While the stream mainly focused on the Power Rangers Lightning Collection. However, the team also talked about upcoming series Power Rangers Dino Fury. Pre-orders for the Lighting Collection figures will be made available at various online retailers starting at 1 PM EST.

The revealed Lightning Collection figures include:

VS Two Packs

  • SPD B Blue vs A Squad
  • Astronema vs In Space Red

Deluxe Monsters

  • Pumpkin Rapper
  • King Sphinx

The team also revealed the first batch of the basic line products for Power Rangers Dino Fury. First, the team featured a look at the basic 6 inch figures. Now, each figure will include a Power Key, which can be used with the Power Rangers Dino Fury Morpher and Megazords. Additionally, the team confirmed details for zords, which are titled the Champion Zords. From the prototypes shown, the Dino Fury Megazord will feature added articulation including a ball-jointed head, hips, ankles, etc.


The revealed products include:

Basic 6 Inch Figures

  • Dino Fury Red
  • Dino Fury Pink
  • Dino Fury Blue
  • Boom Tower

Battle Attackers

  • Dino Fury Red vs Doom Snake
  • Dino Fury Blue vs Shockhorn



Lastly, the team revealed the final two Ranger cast members for the base team of Rangers for Power Rangers Dino Fury. The final two cast members include:

  • Chance Perez – Dino Fury Black Ranger
  • Tessa Rao – Dino Fury Green Ranger

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