Hasbropulse Fan First Friday – Transformers Studio Series 86

Hasbropulse recently held a new Fan First Friday stream that featured a look at some new upcoming Transformers products. First, Hasbro officially revealed the Transformers Studio Series 86 subline. As the name suggests, the figures will be based on the various characters from The Transformers: The Movie.  For those who were not aware, the line primarily focused on the live-action Transformers films so this is the first time non live-action movie based Transformers will be available in this line. These revealed products including the various other products below are currently available for pre-order and are set to release in the early half of 2021.

The first wave of Transformers Studio Series 86 will consist of:

Deluxe Class

  • Jazz
  • Kup
  • Blurr

Voyager Class

  • Hot Rod
  • Scourge

Leader Class

  • Grimlock with Wheelie

Next, Hasbro officially revealed the first wave of Transformers Retro Headmasters. This line will consist of reissues of the Titans Returns Headmasters with a new deco as well as some new headmasters based on the some of the Takara releases. These figures will also be released in a special Generation One styled packaging and will be released exclusively at Walmart.

The first wave includes:

  • Chromedome
  • Hardhead
  • Brainstorm
  • Mindwipe

Thirdly, Hasbro revealed a look at the next set in the Amazon exclusive Galactic Odyssey Collection. The set will be based on Planet Micron and will include six Micromasters. While most of the Micromasters included in this set are based on the various characters released in the original toyline, two of the figures are based on vintage car modes inspired by the M.A.S.K. vehicles. 


The set includes:

  • Fireguard
  • Roadburner
  • Runner
  • Motorhead
  • Windstorm
  • Stingracer

Fourth, Hasbro took a look at two new Target exclusives. Unlike the other revealed releases, these figures are set to release this December.

The exclusives include:

Deluxe Class Runabout




Voyager Class Thrust



Lastly, Hasbro revealed the Transformers Studio Series Devastator boxset. This set will include all eight Constructicons.


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