Hero Club Welcomes the Geek Fighters & Coming Soon the Holiday Buyers’ Guide

Good afternoon to our readers here at Hero Club. Today, we are proud to announce the newest addition to the Club, our friends the Geek Fighters: Jeremias De Leon (Fighter Xaos) and Jeff Williams (16bitJeff). The Geek Fighters were formerly once their own site, featuring similar content as this one. However they were more focused on video games and comics before eventually merging into Reviewtopia. Now, how we came together was not through their original sites, but through Francisco Rodriguez (Seraph) the creator of the Broken Infinite and his podcast, Morphin’ Bracers. Then what led to this union was the fact that at Hero Club we stick to the policy of protecting our own, so it just came easy to ask if the Geek Fighters would like to call Hero Club their new home? The answer came swift, and was an immediate “yes” from both members during the summer. Yet, the only thing that held this all off until now was personal inconveniences which luckily are now a thing of the past!

With the Geek Fighters joining us, they will be assisting Hero Club with further coverage on Comics and Video Games. Along with the additional coverage that the team will provide the Geek Fighters will be featuring their podcast, the Ikaricast, along with their content from their YouTube channel, the Game Riffers; providing the site with occasional exclusive episodes and projects. We would also like to announce that the Ikaricast will be going through some changes in the future such as a revival featuring new hosts, and a spin-off YouTube series hosted by its creators called the Ikaricast Classic. This is just the start to their new beginning, and our partnership to which we bring about a new age here at Hero Club! We thank the Geek Fighters for allowing Hero Club to be their home, and welcome them into our fold. Now, we ask the Geek Fighters to get out there and show the world what it has been missing!

Then as for Hero Club’s second announcement, next week we will be hosting an annual series the Holiday Buyers’ Guide! The Buyers’ Guide is pretty explanatory, where it is a series of daily articles featuring categories of products that we here think would make the best gifts for that year’s holiday season. For our first Buyers’ Guide, we intend it to span from Cyber Monday to the corresponding Friday. Since it will be span five days here is the schedule we have planned for then:

  • Monday – Part I: Comics & Manga
  • Tuesday – Part II: Home Video Releases & Video Games
  • Wednesday – Part III: Marvel, DC & Star Wars
  • Thursday – Part IV: Questionably Anime (Transformers, Pokémon, Gundam)
  • Friday – Part V: Tokusatsu

We hope several will look forward to this, and that it will assist in his/her Holiday shopping! Until the Buyers’ Guide goes live please enjoy Thanksgiving, check out our newest members in the Geek Fighters, and continue supporting Hero Club!

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