Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay

Today was Sony’s State of Play event where Sony highlights its upcoming games. This time around we have close to twenty minutes of game play footage of Horizon Forbidden West which is a sequel game to Horizon Zero Dawn. I honestly don’t know what to say outside of that fact that if you haven’t played Horizon Zero Dawn, then I need you to get on that asap. It’s a game that’s well worth the money and time to play. Anyway, enough of me praising this game, enjoy the footage down below.


As always let us know what you think down below in the comments section. I really want to get a PS5 so I can truly experience this game int he quality it deserves to be seen in. We do not know the release date for this game. I feel like that should be made cleared. When we do get that information, we will post it. Until then, I’m Ben and I’m out of here.

Source: YouTube

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