[Interview] Starlight Runner Entertainment CEO Jeff Gomez: Bringing Ultraman Back to America!

Today is Friday and the week is over, but Hero-Club is proud to present our latest video interview! Our guest this time is none other than Starlight Runner Entertainment CEO Jeff Gomez. For those unaware, Mr. Jeff Gomez is an esteemed writer and producer who has written for Valiant Comics, Magic the Gathering, and the Turok franchise. Eventually, he went onto establish Starlight Runner Entertainment, which helped to produce a variety of television programs and films. Fans can associate the company’s and his work with properties like James Cameron’s Avatar, the Halo franchise, Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Hot Wheels animated universe. Yet, fans may not know that Mr. Gomez is tokusatsu fan, specifically an Ultra fan, so to work with Tsuburaya Productions is a dream come true for him!


Then as for some information on Starlight Runner Entertainment, it is one of the largest transmedia companies that help franchises keep track of the brand narrative and story development. In certain cases, Starlight Runner Entertainment is merely a consultant on projects, whereas other projects like with the Ultra Series they have a more prominent role. A good example of Starlight Runner Entertainment’s current involvement is how they run the official North American Ultraman website, Ultraman Galaxy. Yet, more examples of their contributions to the Ultra Series and its expansion in the West will be more visible in due time. Also, if anyone is confused on what transmedia storytelling is, Mr. Gomez will explain it better in the video!


Now, as the title proclaims, the bulk of our interview is on Mr. Gomez’s latest venture with re-introducing the Ultra Series in North America. However, we begin with how Mr. Gomez got his start as a writer, and some of his previous works mentioned earlier. We then transition into the Ultraman portion after a minor interruption, there we discover how Starlight Runner Entertainment got the Tsuburaya Productions deal. In addition, we discuss which aspects and elements within the Ultra Series does Mr. Gomez wish to expand upon and experiment with. Furthermore, we ask him what are his opinion the current ‘tokusatsu renaissance’ in the West. Then we go into the typical wrap questions regarding the future of Starlight Runner Entertainment, Ultraman in America, and transmedia storytelling. Anyways, let us jump into our video interview that spanned across two days…

Finally, thanks again to Mr. Jeff Gomez for allowing us the time to interview him, and gave us nearly an hour’s worth of content that should shed some light on Ultraman’s expansion in America. Also, we hope our audience enjoyed our interaction with him, and look forward to Starlight Runner Entertainment’s continued work with Tsuburaya Productions. Fans can reach out to Mr. Gomez either through his FaceBook account, Twitter page, or Starlight Runner’s official website. In addition, Marvel’s ‘The Rise of Ultraman’ Issue 1 officially hits comic stands next week, so fan please try to get any last minute pre-orders in now. Furthermore, do not forget to watch the current series, Ultraman Z on Tsuburaya Productions’ official YouTube channel; the series is being simulcast and each episode features English subtitles. Nevertheless, readers please check in on Hero-Club from time-to-time for news updates, reviews, and future interviews!

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