[Interview] Starlight Runner Entertainment’s Steele Filipek: Discovering Ultraman!

Today, Hero-Club is proud to present our newest video interview! Our guest this time is another Starlight Runner Entertainment employee, Steele Filipek. For those unaware, Mr. Steele Filipek is a writer and producer who has worked for SHOWTIME, as well as contributed to the Halo franchise, Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Men in Black 3. However, as apart of Starlight Runner Entertainment, Mr. Filipek is assisting in the Ultra Series expansion into the West. Currently, Mr. Filipek resides as the Editor-in-Chief for Ultraman Galaxy, the official North American website of the Ultra Series. Yet, as we will explain more in the video, Mr. Filipek will be stepping down from the role shortly to continue work on other Ultra-related projects. Ironically, some of the projects that we will discuss went live before we could publish this exclusive scoop. Also, this interview should intrigue aspiring film writers, as Mr. Filipek provides good insight and advice on the profession. Anyways, let us jump into our video interview with Mr. Filipek!

Now, as mentioned in the interview, Mr. Filipek is producing Easter Egg tie-in videos to Marvel’s The Rise of Ultraman series. Titled Secrets of Marvel’s The Rise of Ultraman, this series will point out all references to past events or details within the Ultra Series’ expansive lore. All episodes will feature an English narration, but will eventually include subtitles for other regions. In addition, the first episode premiered Wednesday night on the official Ultraman YouTube Channel. However, if fans still have not purchased or read the first issue which released in September, we strongly recommend not viewing the episode to avoid any possible spoilers.

Finally, we must thank Mr. Steele Filipek again for giving us the time to interview him. We hope our audience managed to enjoy our interaction with him, and possibly learned something in regards to being a screenwriter. Also, fans can reach out to Mr. Filipek either through Starlight Runner Entertainment, Ultraman Galaxy, his official website, or on Twitter. Furthermore, without sounding like a broken record, readers please continue to support the Ultra Series in North America; whether it is purchasing the home video releases, the comics, or watching the simulcasts on demand services. Nevertheless, readers stay tuned to Hero-Club for more news updates, reviews, and future interviews!

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