NYCC 2023: Invincible Season 2 Trailer

Invincible season two poster.

We have the official trailer for Invincible season two which came out during New York Comic Con. The first four episodes of Season 2 will debut on Prime Video on Nov. 3, and the remaining four episodes will be released in early 2024. It seems like we’re going to get some multiverse episodes given what is shown in the trailer so I’m curious to see how they’ll put their spin on it. Given how everyone is doing multiverse stories. So far with Invincible track record, I’m curious to see how…

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Invincible Season 2 & 3 Confirmed

Today, we got confirmation that Invincible will be receiving a season two and season three thanks to the show’s official Twitter account. Now, I could not be happier to see this show is getting the love that it deserves. Comic fans need to watch this series, as it is one of the best superhero shows to be recently produced. I highly recommend heading over the Amazon and watch the series right now, as the season finale premieres this Friday. Also, given how tense episode 7 was for Mark Grayson, I…

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Invincible Teaser Trailer

Good morning heroes! Today, we have a teaser trailer for the upcoming animated series Invincible which is based on a comic by Ryan Ottley, Robert Kirkman, and Cory Walker. This is a mature superhero comic and the trailer follows that with some gore shown. Now, with that being said I was excited to see this trailer show up after Amazon talked about making a Invincible animated series. Personally, I love this more so than Kirkman’s Walking Dead comic by far. I think the best part about Invincible is that it ended…

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