January Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger Scans

Recently the first show scans for Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger have surfaced online.  The scans feature a short description of each of the new senshi.

  • Shishi Red: Super Star – Known to be strong
  • Ookami Blue: Beast Star – His fur is lifting and he has claws
  • Oushi Black: Ring Star – He is known for his big size
  • Chameleon Green: Shinobi Star- She is fast and discreet
  • Sasori Orange:  Poison Star – Has a tail with a stinger
  • Tenbin Gold: Trick Star – He loves to scold people
  • Hebitsukai Silver: Silent Star – His body is filled of scales
  • Washi Pink: Speed Star – She has wings
  • Kajiki Yellow: Food Meister / Food My Star – Also known for his strength 

Source: Heroshock


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