Review: Star Wars 6 Inch Black Series Entertainment Earth Revenge of the Sith Trooper Multipack

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review.  Today we will be looking a special set since I actually didn’t purchase it myself.  Instead I actually won this set recently from a JTA/ EE contest around Thanksgiving this year.  Anyways with that out of the way we will now be looking at the EE exclusive ROTS 6 Inch Black Series Clone Trooper Set. Out of all the Star Wars 6 Inch Black Series figures I have gotten over the last year and a half I have to say this set is filled of the most impressive figures in my collection. The details are extremely well done to the basic paint application and the superb amount of articulation really work to make this set shine. Not only are the paint applications done well, but the QC is also top notch. Almost every joint in every one of my figures are nice with no issue of the figures falling in most positions. Overall I think this is one of the most worthwhile sets to get so far and don’t let the $100 price tag get to you cause in the end this is a really awesome set to get. Thanks again to Jeditemplearchives and Entertainment Earth for helping me get this great set.

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