Kamen Rider Brave Spin-Off Announced – Kamen Rider Ouja Returns

Following the announcement of the Kamen Rider Snipe spin-off, another spin-off soon followed for Kamen Rider Brave titled “Kamen Rider Brave: You Must Survive! The Resurrected Beast Rider Squad!”. The Brave spin-off is an original creation being produced by the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club, and will feature the return of Takashi Hagino reprising his role as Takeshi Asakura, Kamen Rider Ouja. The last time Takashi portrayed the character was during Kamen Rider Decade briefly voicing Ouja, whereas it has been 15 years since being seen on scene as the character.


In the spin-off Kamen Rider Ouja will be teaming with other Riders such as, Tiger, Sasword, Dark Kiva, and Beast. However, it is unknown if the actors will be returning to reprise their roles for the series. A trailer accompanied the announcement, but was locked from select countries. Luckily enough the trailer has been shared by a variety of other sites and Facebook pages. Now, as for “Kamen Rider Brave: You Must Survive! The Resurrected Beast Rider Squad” premiere, it is scheduled for February 19th on Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club’s paid monthly service. Also noted was that when episodes are released, the first seven-minute trailers will be post free of charge onto YouTube.

Source: UkiyaSeed, Heroshock

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