Ultraman Great & Ultraman Powered Blu-Ray Promo Streamed

Tsuburaya on YouTube released a video promoting two upcoming Blu-Ray box sets for the foreign-produced Ultra series shows.

The first, Ultraman Great, was co-produced by Tsuburaya and South Australian Film Corp.  in 1990 under the title, Ultraman: Towards the Future. It follows Jack Shindo as he becomes the host for Ultraman Great and fights Kaiju along side the Universal Multipurpose Agency, or U.M.A.

The second, Ultraman Powered, was co-produced by Tsuburaya and America’s Major Havoc Entertainment in 1993 under the title, Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero. The series stars Kakuranger’s NinjaBlack, Kane Kosugi, as Ultraman Powered’s host Kenichi Kai fighting alongside the Worldwide Investigation Network Response or W.I.N.R. The series functions as a Reboot of the original series from 1966, with many iconic kaiju from the series redesigned for this retelling in the 90’s.
Ultraman Great’s Blu-Ray set will be released on January 27th, with Powered’s following on March 24th. Both sets will be sold for 18,900 yen, and feature dual audio.

Source: M-78

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