Kamen Rider Ghost episode 46 & 47 Review

Another week, another two-in-one review since I was sick (again) last week, so let’s get to it…

The short version of Ghost 46: Takeru is sensory overloading on peoples emotions, during this episode, Ganmiser hijack Crazy Edison dude, Satilite Man and Yellow Buster from previous episodes and use them to further their own evolution. Adel goes all Master on people, turning most of the world into him. Takeru & co defeat the Ganmisers, only for Adel to pop up with the rest and rekt house.


Now, 47 starts us off with Adel unloading on the Riders, taking Makoto and Alian out. As Adel and Takeru clash, they go into each others’ memories again. Takeru seeing Adel’s love for his Mother (and his dispair when she died, and Adel seeing Takeus happy times. Adel also sees Takeru father die and realizes he is the one who killed him. Takeru does not take this well, but Adel just leaves like he always does.


Later the team dwells on the news that Adel killed Mr. Ryuu, with Alain taking it quite hard. Takeru tells him to not worry about it, but later questions the 15 heroes as to why they never told him that fact, never getting an answer. Adel seems delighted at the fact he killed his rivial’s father, as Alia tries one lst time to reason with him. Adel lashes out and robs Alia of her free will, just like his other selves.


As Akari works hard to reopen the temple’s portal, Makoto is off talking with Mr. Ryuu’s grave. Clone Makoto pops up, spouting off about how he and Makoto are almost one in the same, memories in all. After the clone walks off, Makoto and Alian talk about how Takeru saved Makoto from his own anger and put saving Kanon before reviving himself. Because of this he’ll go to bat for Takeru any time. Elsewhere Adel appears to have second thoughts about robbing his sister of her free will, only to put the questioning Ganmisers back in to their place.


Takeru gets some reassurance from Akari ad Onari that they will stop him from doing anything rash to Adel as Eadith becomes Kamen Rider Dark Ghost so he can open the portal from the Ganma side. Clone Makoto BS happens yet again, though it looks like the line between the Real and clone Makoto is getting blurred. The portal finally opens as Alian jumps through to fight Adel himself to atone for his brother’s sins.


My Thoughts

This episode felt like a bottle show, with few fights and more of a focus on Alian and Makoto. I liked the line between Real and Clone Makoto becoming less clear, making viewers begin to question what is truly going on. However I wasn’t a fan of Alain’s “Sin’s of the Family” Angst, due the concept feeling rather redundant but I can sort of let it slide because of the culture and tradition within Japan.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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