Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 46 Review

After a poorly paced faux-conclusion last time, Ghost slogs on with the final arc. Can the finale be salvaged, though?

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Well Adel has gone and activated Demia after using himself as its core, draining Millions’ of their Life Force. The Riders can do little against the newly empowered Adel, though He and Takeru seem to see each others childhood memories as they clash. Confused, Adel retreats as Takeru faints.

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As Takeru wakes later, the situation seems dire as the Demia activation has been covered up and the team is running out of time and options. Pep talks and plans are formed, namely Makoto planning to use the Deep Specter Eycon to connect the Ganmisers, as it was made using their power. Takeru also wants to attempt connecting to Demia again.

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Well Makoto runs in to trouble as his True Clone is also given a Deep Specter Eyecon by the Ganmisers, resulting in a Mirror Match. Elsewhere, Takeru gets in to the Demia space again, but runs into two Ganmisers who wish to learn about his powers. A quick fight later and he is kicked out of Demia, though he hears a voice he believes may be his Mother’s.

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Necrom’s part is to Raid Deep Connect and get to Bills, plowing through Ganma and eventually freeing Bills from being controlled. Though as this happens Igor find himself morphing into Adel briefly. All episode Adel has been growing more obsessed with Takeru, feeling disgusted that he saw his past with his mother (played by Alia’s actress). Alia attempts and fails to talk sense into Adel, by pointing out how the Ganmisers are becoming sentient, getting blasted for her trouble.

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Clone Makoto seems to enjoy stalking Kanon. And he almost kills her before stopping at the last second for some reason… After remembering about his Late mother, Three Ganmisers attack him. Necrom and the real Deep Specter join in and defeat the Ganmisers for now, as the creepy twins from the Heroic Eyecon promo vid look on as Takeru vanishes from the sight of his friends while still being there…

My thoughts:

This episode was a step up from last time, but it was still horribly paced. The Clone Makoto BS is seemingly leading to something, but there seems to be no real explaination as to where it is going. Then the wasted fight in Demia space did nothing to help out the plot. It is honestly nothing more than jumbled up mess.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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