Kamen Rider Saber Press Conference Details

Recently, Toei held its press conference for the next Kamen Rider Series, which is titled Kamen Rider Saber. The series will be the second series within the Reiwa Era, however it will be the first series produced from the start during this time period. Also, the series is the overall 31st series in the franchise.


Kamen Rider Saber’s story will focus on two worlds colliding due to the series’ villain faction, Megiddo lead by Kamen Rider Calibur. One world is based on fairy tales and fantasy RPGs, whereas the other world is based on ‘our world/ reality.’ Now, the main theme/ gimmick of Kamen Rider Saber will focus on swords and books, with the book gimmick being referred to as the Wonder Ride Books. Furthermore, the series will feature at least 10 Kamen Riders throughout its entire production.


The main cast consists of:

  • Shuichiro Naito – Kamiyama Toma/ Kamen Rider Saber: A novelist who obtains the Seiken Swordriver, that consists of the Saw Driver Buckle, Flame Sword Retsu, and the Brave Dragon Wonder Ride Book. As Kamen Rider Saber, Toma becomes a ‘flame-styles’ swordsman for the Sword of Logos.
  • Takaya Yamaguchi – Rintaro Shindo/ Kamen Rider Blaze: A ‘water-style’ swordsman from the Sword of Logos. He has maintained the secrecy of the Sword of Logos’ operations for a longtime.
  • Asuka Kawazu – Mei Sudo: Is a friend of Toma, and his new editor.
  • Ryo Aoki – Kento Fukamiya/ Kamen Rider Espada: A ‘lighting-style’ swordsman within the Sword of Logos, he is the childhood friend of Toma. However, Toma has forgotten something important about their friendship…  
  • Eiji Togahi – Ren Akamichi/ Kamen Rider Kenzan: A ‘wind-style’ swordsman within the Sword of Logos, he has a strong sense of justice and overly talented as a swordsman. He sees Kamen Rider Saber as his rival…
  • Hiroasa Naka – Tetsuo Daishinji: A mechanic who maintains the transformation devices and weapons for the Sword of Logos.
  • Rina Chinen – Sophia: The guardian of the Wonder Ride Books, and watches over the Kamen Riders.
  • Akio Ōtsuka – Voice of the Seiken Swordriver

Kamen Rider Saber will feature an intro and ending theme performed by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. The intro’s title is mentioned to be announced at a later date, whereas the end credits theme is simply titled, “Kamen Rider Saber.” Yet, what makes this situation special is that the series will be the first Kamen Rider series to feature an unique ending theme since Kamen Rider Hibiki. Also, the series will be directed by Kamen Rider series regular, Takayuki Shibasaki, and the head writer is Takuro Fukuda. Mr. Fukuda is better known for being the head writer of Kamen Rider Ghost. Now, Kamen Rider Saber will premiere on Sunday, September 9 in Japan on TV Asahi.


Source: Natalie, TV-Asahi


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