Mazinger Z Film Planned for 45th Anniversary

Earlier today, Toei Animation that Go Nagai’s popular giant robot manga series, Mazinger Z, will be receiving a new movie adaptation. Now, the press release did not confirm if the film would be a live-action adaptation, or new animated feature. What was confirmed is that this new feature length film will commemorate the 45th anniversary of the series. The film is currently titled, Mazinger Z The Movie, and will be produced by Toei Animation. A website was launched for the upcoming film, which it also promotes a staged event being held at AnimeJapan 2017 in Tokyo.

Mazinger Z 45th

Mazinger Z

Go Nagai’s Mazinger Z first released in 1972 as apart of Shonen Jump, with its anime series premiering shortly afterward. Its anime ran for nearly two years, and consisted of 92 episodes. The story features Kōji Kabuto and his super robot Mazinger Z defending the world from Dr. Hell. The anime is currently licensed, and distributed in North America by Discotek Media.

Source: ANN

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