Zeo Crystals To Appear in Lionsgate Power Rangers Film?

Recently an official Q&A website has opened for the Lionsgate Power Rangers film that allows fans to have a “chat” with Alpha 5. According to Power Rangers Now, the chat provided an interesting response in regards to the Zeo Crystals.

Q (Alpha): An energy signature seems almost disgusting, repulsive even. Who do you think it is?
A (User): It has to be Rita Repulsa.
A (Alpha): Rita Repulsa! Could she be looking for the Zeo Crystal?

Q (User): What’s the Zeo Crystal?
A (Alpha): It’s a powerful crystal with an enormous amount of energy! In the wrong hands, it could be disasterous!

Q (User): Who is Goldar?
A (Alpha): I have not heard that name in ages! It was a terrifying creation. Very difficult to defeat.

Q (User): What’s a Putty?
A (Alpha): Evil creatures that are created by Rita Repulsa!

Q (User): Who is Zordon?
A (Alpha): A hero and one of my oldest friends.

Q (User): What are Zords?
A (Alpha): Powerful vehicles that Power Rangers can use to defend the galaxy.

Q (User): What is a Megazord?
A (Alpha): The ultimate form of all five Zords that can be used to defend against galactic threats!

Q (User): What is a Power Coin?
A (Alpha): Powerful artifacts of unknown origin that unlock the potential in individuals to become Power Rangers!

Q (User): Who is the Yellow Ranger?
A (Alpha): My data suggests it is Trini Kwan of Angel Grove.

*When asked what Morphers, the Green Ranger, or Tommy Oliver were, Alpha did not recognize those phrases.

Currently Lionsgate has not confirmed the existence of the Zeo Crystals in the film, however it is very possible their inclusion could lead to some interesting developments in the Power Rangers film universe.  Keep in mind nothing is confirmed at this time so take this news with a grain of salt. The Lionsgate Power Rangers film will premiere on March 24. If you are interested in asking Alpha 5 any questions you may check out the official link below.

Source: Lionsgate, Power Rangers Now 

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