[Comic Review] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #5 *Spoiler Free*

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 issue five cover

Good morning, Heroes, as today we head into the finale for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II! That is right, we have the final issue in this mini-series, which releases tomorrow, and it has been wonderful run. From this issue we get to see how the Turtles wrap things up in Dimension X. Also, we learn if Angel Grove will survive General Krang’s and Rita Repulsa’s grand invasion. Thankfully, just when all hope seems lost, our heroes find an unexpected to turn the tide in their favor. Anyway, before jumping into this spoiler free review, we would like thank Boom! Studios for providing Hero-Club this copy!


Comic Credits

  • Artist: Dan Mora
  • Colorist: Raúl Angulo
  • Lettering: Ed Dukeshire
  • Writer: Ryan Parrott
  • Editor-in-Chief: Matt Gagnon
  • Designer: Madison Goyette
  • Assistant Editor: Kenzie Rzonca
  • Editor: Dafna Pleban
  • Cover Artist: Dan Mora (Cover A), Kevin Eastman & Freddie Williams II with colors by Andrew Dalhouse (B), Ivan Tao (C), Taurin Clarke (D), Kevin Eastman & Freddie Williams II (E), Simone Di Meo (F), Joe Quinones (G), Belen Ortega with Raul Angulo (H), Mateo Scalera & Moreno Dinisio (I), Goñi Montes (J), Dan Mora (K), Sajad Shah (L), R1c0 (M), Freddie Williams II &Andrew Dalhouse (N), John Giang (O), Ejikure (P), Ivan Tao (Q), Doaly (R)
  • Hasbro Special Thanks to Irvin Ducournau, Tayla Reo, Michael Kelly, and Ed Lane.
  • Nickelodeon Special Thanks to Jeff Whitman, Lourdes Arocho, Nick Nino, and Charles Beacham


Patience my dear boy. I’m trying to enjoy myself. – Shredder



Our final issue picks up within Dimension X, as the Turtles must fight Rita Repulsa and a mind-controlled Casey. Now, it is wonderful to see this fight, and I love seeing the Dimension X Rangers in action. Whereas, the issue transitions to Angel Grove where the Mutant Rangers require the Dragonzord, but they need help summoning it. So, since Tommy is unable to due to his current form, Shredder must morph again to call the Dragonzord. Also, that maybe a spoiler, but I feel it is somewhat expect since Morphed Shredder was in the previous event. Furthermore, I love seeing Ryan Parrott bringing back this concept, especially with how it was depicted in the panels. However, I would have liked if Karai got to morph, but I understand that there are several characters being featured. As a result, maybe I should expect Karai to be featured more in a possible future sequel if that happens.


Yet, with that said, a real surprise occurs during this Megazord fight that I will not spoiler. Although, I can say that I should have seen what was going to happen, as it was a logical conclusion. Like it did not cross my mind until it ended, but I was really invested in how it went down. Afterwards, things return to Dimension X, and here Rita attempts to play mind games with Turtles. Surprisingly, Mikey gets one of my favorite panels during this fight, which is thanks to Dan Mora and Raúl Angulo. For example, their framing of the sequence and the coloring is simply perfect to empathize everything go on. Whereas, another panel that I really enjoyed was of Donnie in the background, but the close up was on Rita. Personally, I think Raúl Angulo’s use of red and shadows should be studied, as he makes things appear more menacing.


Then returning to Angel Grove again, we come to what I call the issue’s show stealer, the Megazord battle. Coincidentally, General Krang pilots his own Megazord, and he terrifyingly pulls out all the stops to obtain victory. Interestingly, Krang’s Megazord features a solid black and purple color scheme that is similar to Zenkaiger’s Stacaesar. Also, to empathize on this villainous Megazord, the book’s artistic team uses silhouettes to convey its bad side. Whereas, just when things appear to over for the Dragonzord, our heroes make an amazing comeback. Furthermore, this comeback is something that only the Power Rangers, and TMNT could deliver, which I loved seeing. Especially, since Krang had this beating coming to him, and it is nice to see it finally happen.


Following the Megazord battle, our story begins to come to its end, and we see the aftermath of the invasion. For Angel Grove, it seems like a rather usual day, as people begin to rebuild after another incredible crisis. Whereas, we get an interesting conversation between Zordon, Master Splinter, and Shredder regarding the recent events. Interestingly, as their conversation occurred, I was very curious how things would playout due to Splinter’s and Shredder’s relationship. Meanwhile, the Turtles get to relax with the Rangers on their turf, instead of the sewers like last time. Also, there is another scene between Master Splinter, April, and Casey, while the final scene teases a possible third entry.


Overall, I highly recommend that fans of this series should purchase this book, and the issues within this series. Additionally, I assume that the best has yet to come from this crossover, and from its entire creative team. Especially, since I feel as though, MMPR/ TMNT III has the potential to be a solid ending for this crossover. Anyway, thanks again to Boom! Studios and IDW, as well as the other parties involved for making these crossovers possible!


Final Score: 5 out of 5 Power Coins


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