Mill Creek Entertainment Announces Neo Ultra Q the Complete Series

Last night, Mill Creek Entertainment officially announced their next Ultra Series release, Neo Ultra Q the complete series. Now, this upcoming title was not previously teased through promotional material. However, its confirmation is an awesome and unexpected surprise. For those unaware, Neo Ultra Q is billed as the second season to the original Ultra Q series from 1965. Whereas, the 2004 series, Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy began as a sequel, but eventually was revealed to be an alternate universe. Neo Ultra Q is the 24th installment in the overall franchise, and it consists of 12-episodes that ran from January 12 to March 30, 2013. Mill Creek Entertainment intends to release the complete series on Blu-Ray in Summer 2020. Currently, the release date is schedule for August 11, 2020, but it may change. Furthermore, Neo Ultra Q the Complete Series is priced at $25.99, on Mill Creek’s official store. Below is the official information and trailer on this release:


Neo Ultra Q

Ultra Q has returned!

Based on the fan-favorite classic ULTRA Q, this 12-episode series tells the story of three brave friends who risk their lives investigating bizarre monster appearances, strange ecological catastrophes and paranormal events.

Pre-Order Now:

The Complete Series: Mill Creek Entertainment

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