Mill Creek Entertainment Announces Ultraman Ginga/ Ginga S Complete Series Set

Today, Mill Creek Entertainment announced that they will be releasing a complete collection set for the main Ultraman Ginga productions. Now, this set will include Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Ginga S, the movie, and the mini-series Ultra Fight Victory. Ultraman Ginga and its productions ran between 2013 and 2014, while being a 50th anniversary celebration for Tsuburaya Productions. Additionally, Ultraman Ginga is the start of the New Generation Hero saga, which recently concluded with the 2019 installment, Ultraman Taiga. Also, most fans consider both Ginga and its sequel as one full series that spans 28 episodes due to the shared titular character. However, the two are separate series, like Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Black RX due to series contrasts in production. In addition, the release date for this set is scheduled for September 15, 2020. Furthermore, the set is priced at $49.99, on Mill Creek’s official store. Below is the official information and trailer on this release:



At one time, all of the Ultra warriors, along with the monsters and aliens, were turned into Spark Dolls by the mysterious Dark Spark. Time passed, and the youth Hikaru Rido got hold of the mysterious Ginga Spark, which could return the monsters and Ultra warriors to their previous giant forms. In order to protect those dear to him, Hikaru Ult-Lives the Ultras and monsters and faces off against the evil monsters.


This is the sequel to Ultraman Ginga. It is two years later, and the defense team that didn’t appear in the previous show, as well as another Ultraman, Ultraman Victory, make their appearances. In addition, Ultraman Ginga returns to obey the will of Hikaru Rido, who is guided by the mysterious crystalline substance known as Victorium. Now, a new battle begins.


The Super Dimensional Demon Etelgar forces a beautiful young alien princess to use her magic to trap Ultraman all across the galaxy! In order to stop Etelgar and save their fellow Ultra Heroes, two brave young men named Hikaru and Sho must transform into Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Victory. But will even their combined powers be enough to defeat Etelgar and his army?


After thousands of years, a diabolical space emperor named Juda Spectre is about to break free from his dimensional prison! In order to prevent this disaster from happening, and to save the Galaxy, Earth’s amazing superhero ULTRAMAN VICTORY must use a new secret weapon, a combination sword and flute called the Knight Timbre! However, can the soundwave strength of our Ultraman’s Knight Timbre stop Spectre and his army of monsters before it’s too late?!

Pre-Order Now:

The Complete Series: Mill Creek Entertainment

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