Mill Creek Ultraman Ace, Ultraman X & Ultraman X the Movie Blu-Ray Release Details

Last night, Mill Creek Entertainment officially announced their next wave of the Ultra series Blu-Ray releases. This new wave will consist of three releases: the first being the fifth series in the franchise, Ultraman Ace, the 27th entry Ultraman X, and Ultraman X the Movie in a single release. However, Ultraman X the Complete Series bundle will still include the full-length feature film. The individual option for film is a new standard release format following the releases for both, Ultraman Orb the Movie and Ultraman Geed the Movie.


Now, Ultraman Ace will receive a similar release to previous Showa series by having a standard edition, and a steelbook release. The standard edition is priced a $39.99, and the steelbook is $49.99. Then as for Ultraman X, the series is the third entry in the New Generation Heroes era of Ultraman. The series ran for 22-episodes with three additional recap episodes in 2015, and was simulcast on Crunchyroll in North America. However, this will be the first official release for the series’ theatrical film in North America. The complete series bundle is priced at $39.99, whereas the single film release is priced at $19.99. Furthermore, orders for all three releases are scheduled to ship on April 21, 2020. Below is the official information and preview videos for Mill Creek Entertainment’s upcoming releases:


Ultraman Ace


Alternate Dimension Being Yapool started invading Earth with an entourage of “Terrible-Monsters” that were more powerful than ordinary monsters. The Terrestrial Defense Force was annihilated by Terrible-Monster Verokron. Two youngsters, Seiji Hokuto and Yuko Minami, lost their lives trying to save people from the attack of Verokron. Ultraman Ace, who was sent from Nebula M78 Land of Light to stop Alternate Dimension Being Yapool’s malicious ambition, vested his life and power in Seiji Hokuto and Yuko Minami. Hokuto and Yuko, who received a new life, joined the Terrible-Monster Attacking Crew (TAC) that was organized in place of the Terrestrial Defense Force. When the Ultra Rings, the proof of membership of the Galactic Federation, glitter, after performing Ultra Touch, Hokuto and Yuko unite and transform into Ultraman Ace.


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Limited Edition Steelbook: Mill Creek Entertainment

Ultraman X the Complete Series

As Ultra Flares from the sun blanket the Earth, Spark Dolls that had been hidden underground and in the sea are turned into monsters. In order to deal with the sudden outbreak of invading aliens, humanity arms itself with machines of super science and forms the defensive team Xio. 15 years later … A member of Xio, Oozora Daichi, hears a mysterious voice while in combat against a monster. “Unite …” Just as Daichi is on the verge of being obliterated by the creature, he finds himself bathed in a radiant light.


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The Complete Series: Mill Creek Entertainment

Ultraman X the Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman

When realty TV host Carlos Kurozaki breaks into a mysterious underground pyramid for a television event, he removes a special gem. . . and unwittingly releases a diabolical monster called Zaigorg! The evil creature wants Kurozaki’s gem, so it spawns an army of giant kaijus to get it! It’s up to the famous superheroes Ultraman X, Ultraman Tiga, and the one and only original Ultraman to stop the worldwide monster war!


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The Movie: Mill Creek Entertainment


Source: Mill Creek Entertainment

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