Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Fighter 5 Trailer Streamed

Masahiro Sakurai recently presented a Smash Brothers presentation that revealed that Byleth is the fifth fighter in the smash and final character in the Smash Brothers Ultimate fighters pass. For those who are not aware, Byleth is the main protagonist of Fire Emblem Three Houses. Byleth will be available on January 28 as a part of the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Fighters Pass and will also be available separately priced at $5.99. Next, Mashiro Sakurai explained a short history of the Fire Emblem franchise. He then continued to explain some background for Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Thirdly, Mashairo Sakurai explained Byleth’s moveset.

His moveset includes:

  • Sword of the Creator – Up Smash, Up Air (Can launch opponents in air as well as the ability to capture and reel them. Can also be used as a stage recovery) 
  • Areadbhar – Forward/ Back Air, Side Smash (Move is long reaching and can be angled. Powers up when you press up. Tip of the lance is more popular so its best to use for far range battles. Press up from a distance for the best results.)
    Side Special (Extreme reaching move leading to an upward swing. The move causes the player to move forward. Can easily be shielded against. Has a wider range of movement in air. Leaves you open when landing.)
  • Aymr – Down Air Attack (Move can cause meteor effect.)
    Down Special (Channel energy into a single strike. Move will have super armor at the start of the move, however can be easily canceled by grab. Attacks will be able to move passed platforms, although the player cannot jump when the move is activated. Players can also turn direction in the middle of the attack. The move is easier to use in group battles and can launch opponents in the air even if it misses. Be careful as counter moves will cause more damage.) 
  • Failnaught – Neutral Air (Attack opponents by spinning a bow.)
    Neutral Special (Attacks opponents with a fire bow. Attacks will travel at high speeds and has to be charged for full effect. Players will be able to cancel the move by shielding, however it cannot be cancelled when the bow is fully charged. The attack will be able to change direction. 
  • Final Smash – Progenitor God Ruptured Heaven (Byleth will team up with Sothis to unleash a powerful strike)

Continuing on Masahiro Sakurai took a look at the various costumes for Byleth. Similar to Corrin, Byleth will feature male and female variations and various other costumes based on some of the characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Fifth, Sakurai revealed the stage that will be included with Byleth. Byleth’s stage is known as the Garreg Mach Monastery, which is a central location in Fire Emblem Three Houses. The stage will be split into three sections, which will rotate in about two and a half minutes. Each of the sections will also feature some character cameos

The sections include:

  • Marketplace (Blue Lion House – Dimitri, Dedue, Ingrid, Gatekeeper) – This section will feature breakable booths.
  • Reception Hall (Black Eagle House – Edelgard, Dorothea, Petra) – This section will feature breakable chandeliers. Only some fighters will be able to reach them.
  • Bridge (Golden Deer House – Claude, Hilda, Lorenz) 
  • Cathedral (Reha, Flayn, Seteth) – This section will feature moving platforms.   

Sixth, Sakurai revealed the collection of songs that will be released alongside Byleth.

The tracks include:

  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses Main Theme (JP)
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses Main Theme
  • Fo’dlan Woods
  • Blue Skies and a Battle
  • Tearing Through Heaven
  • Chasing Daybreak
  • Between Heaven and Earth
  • Paths That Will Never Cross
  • The Apex of the World
  • The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare) (JP)
  • The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare)

Seventh, Sakurai featured a short peak of the spirit board, which will feature several characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. 

Eighth, Sakurai talked about Byleth’s classic mode. The classic mode for Byleth will be known as “A Heroic Legacy,” which is stated to feature classic fire emblem stages throughout Fire Emblem’s history.

Ninth, Sakurai revealed the next round of Mii Fighter costumes. The next round of Mii Fighter costumes will be available on August 28 and each costume will be priced at $.75.  None of the costumes will be apart of the Fighters Pass.

The costumes include:

  • Altaïr (Assassins Creed)
  • Rabbids (Rabbids)
  • Megaman X (Megaman X)
  • Megaman. Exe (Megaman Battle Network)
  • Cuphead (Cuphead) – Includes Soundtrack (Floral Fury)

Lastly, Sakurai revealed that more fighters will be joining the game as a part of DLC. Sakurai revealed that six new fighters will be joining the game as a part of Challenger packs 6-11. Players will be able to pre-purchase the fighters individually or in a bundle starting on January 28 and those who pre-purchase the bundle will also receive an exclusive Mii Swordfighter costume known as the Ancient Soldier Gear. The costume is based on the Guardian armor that can be worn by Link in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Keep in mind this costume will not be available separately similar to the Rex costume that was a bonus for the first Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Fighters Pass.

Source: Nintendo

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