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For Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic fans we have a Kickstarter to back. BOOM! Studios has decided to commemorate and celebrate the first five years of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series by presenting it in a “one of three new collectible editions in our popular Deluxe hardcover format. The Deluxe hardcover format collects 10-12 comic issues at a larger size than a standard comic, along with expansive cover galleries and other behind-the-scenes material. Additionally, each volume includes an original short comic story that debuts in that volume.”


Continuing from there BOOM! Studios went onto explain why they went with Kickstarter to roll out this specific collection.

“For those of you who love having a super premium, limited edition version to fully celebrate your fandom, Kickstarter gives us the opportunity to offer beautiful, exclusive Editions in our Deluxe hardcover format that traditionally might only be available as exclusives at comic conventions.” 


Right now here is a list of the hardcover editions and the differences between them.

  • Mighty Editions: these Deluxe format hardcovers feature cover artwork by Goñi Montes exclusive to this campaign and not available on any other collected editions.
  • Morphin Editions: these Deluxe format hardcovers feature the previously mentioned cover artwork AND an exclusive slipcase featuring new artwork by Goñi Montes, both of which will only be available through this campaign.
  • Megazord Editions: these Deluxe format hardcovers feature the previously mentioned new cover artwork, the previously mentioned exclusive slipcase, AND an acetate sleeve featuring an energized Morpher on the front and new artwork of a portion of the Megazord on the back that fits into the Megazord standee.
Mighty Edition. Art by Goñi Montes. All art shown during campaign is not final and subject to change. Final product may differ slightly from what is shown.

Overall, I might have to grab myself one of the tiers from this collection. Now, I am not the biggest Power Rangers collector, I do love this comic book series. Hopefully this will be the best way to show interest that we want more Power Ranger series, as I would want a different Power Ranger team to get an ongoing. So, as long as the story being told is solid, then BOOM! Studios can have my money.


Fans can click here to check out the Kickstarter and the different tiers. Also, readers tell us which tier you plan on backing or purchasing if you can afford them.

Source: Kickstarter

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