TFC Begins GARO Worldwide Expansion

In a surprise announcement, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation (TFC) has begun a worldwide rollout for the GARO series. Beginning today, the first two episodes of the original 2005 series have been made available on the GARO Project YouTube channel. In addition, each episodes feature multiple language caption options. Furthermore, it should be noted that the subtitles on the YouTube uploads are different from the subtitles provided in Section23’s Blu-Ray release and on HiDive’s streaming service.

Alongside the series being uploaded to YouTube, TFC has opened optional language websites, including English, for the series. The English website currently features character biographies for GARO, as well as a visual history of the franchise itself in the form of a poster gallery. The English website provides the following description for the franchise:

From the mind of acclaimed creator Amemiya Keita (“Kamen Rider ZO”, “Zeiram”) with action direction by Yokoyama Makoto (“Power Rangers”) and scripts by Kaji Kengo (“Uzumaki”), GARO is one of the most long-lived and successful Tokusatsu series ever made in Japan.

The first series was originally broadcast in 2005 and was widely acclaimed as the first Tokusatsu show targeted to a young adult ~ adult audience.


Since then, dozens of live action television series, films, tv & film specials and anime series have been released, expanding the world of GARO into one of the most elaborate and fascinating universes ever created around a live action hero.


The storyline revolves around the concept of a dark energy called Inga that’s been created since the beginning of time by mankind’s malice. Inga seeps into the Makai World, which is inhabited by parasitic and predatory demons called Horrors. Ever hungry for more Inga, they cross over into the human world to possess and devour people to satiate their hunger. This leads the humans to create the Makai Order to fight them. Consisting of priests and knights, they are the shadows that protect humanity from the Horrors.

Now, these websites and episode uploads are hopefully signs of things to come as TFC celebrates the GARO franchise’s 15th anniversary. We at Hero-Club are expecting all the original tokusatsu installments to made available in due time through the official channel internationally. However, this activity is making fans wonder what will be the next production announced for the franchise, and what will be its format. Nevertheless, please stay tuned for more updates on GARO! 


Source: GARO Project’s Official Twitter

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