Monster Hunter January Digital Event Streamed

Capcom recently held a digital presentation about Monster Hunter Rise. The latest presentation featured a look at a new area called the “Frost Islands” as well as some monsters that will appear in that region.

The monsters include

  • Goss Horag (Brand New)
  • Barioth (Monster Hunter 3)
  • Khezu (Monster Hunter)
  • Great Baggi (Monster Hunter 3)
  • Lagombi (Monster Hunter Portable 3rd)
  • Tigrex (Monster Hunter Freedom 2)

Next, the presentation took a look at some monsters that will appear in other areas, which include:

  • Mizutsune (Monster Hunter Generations)
  • Magnamalo (Brand New)

Continuing on, the presentation revealed a new feature that will be introduced in this game called “Wyvern Riding.” Players will be able to use ironsilk to control wild monsters. Players will also be able to attack other monsters using this ability.

Fifth, the presentation featured a closer look at the base and the various characters the player will meet there. The first character the presentation featured is Hugen, who is the village elder. Next, the presentation took a look Minoto and Hinoa, who will be working as village / hub quest maidens. Other characters include Yomogi, who runs the local tea shop and Hojo, who is the guild master. Master Utsushi works as the leader of the hunters in the village and Iori works as the buddy handler. Kogorashi is the Feyln chief, who is in charge of the Meowceneries, and Rondine is the village trader.

Sixth, the presentation took a look at some the facilities at the base, which includes the training area.

Lastly, the presentation revealed some details about the upcoming demo for the game. In the demo players will be to go on a basic quest, an intermediate quest, and a Wyvern Riding training quest. The demo will also feature all 14 weapon types and can be played solo or played with a friend local as well as online. The demo will be available later today and will be available until February 1.

Source: Monster Hunter

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