Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS MAXIBOOST ON PS4 Informational Trailer Released

Following up from the announcement last monthBandai Namco Entertainment has now released an “Informational Trailer” for Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS MAXIBOOST ON coming to Playstation 4. The trailer features Chiba (Producer of the PS4 version of Maxiboost On) and Okubo (Producer from Bandai Namco Studios) discussing details related to the game.

New Game Information:

  • First Extreme VS home console release since 2015’s Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS-FORCE.
  • First EXTREME VS game to be released worldwide.
  • MAXIBOOST ON’s home console release is in development due to player requests in Japan.
  • 183 playable Mobile Suits from 36 Gundam Series.
  • Including NPCs (Non-Player Characters), there are over 300 Mobile Suits.
  • All stages from the arcade version of the game will be featured in the console version.
  • The Bandai Namco Studios staff who worked on the arcade version are in charge of the home console version’s development.
  • MAXIBOOST ON PS4 will be using the final version from its arcade counterpart, including all balance updates and changes.
  • Teams can be formed with friends or random players online.
  • Single Player mode will be included

Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment America


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