New Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toy Images – New Villain Figures Revealed

Kmart and Sears have recently updated with several new item listings for some of the upcoming Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys. While some listings are for the five main rangers, new villains were also listed as well.

The listings include:

  • Ninja Steel Red
  • Ninja Steel White
  • Ninja Steel Blue
  • Ninja Steel Pink
  • Ninja Steel Yellow

The villains listings include:

  • Stonedozer
  • Ripperat
  • Ripcon
  • Cat O’Clock
  • Basher

Source: Kmart, Kmart 2, Kmart 3, Kmart 4, Kmart 5, Kmart 6, Kmart 7, Kmart 8, Sears , Sears 2

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