Nozomi Entertainment Anime Expo 2019 Panel – Gundam 0080 & Gundam SEED Announcements

At this year’s Anime Expo 2019 during the RightStufAnime panel, two new updates were given for upcoming Nozomi Entertainment releases from the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. With one new announcement and an update on a previously announced set; the panel was light for Gundam fans, but there were plenty of anime goodness for other genres. Today, we are following the Gundam announcements specifically.


Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket Blu-Ray Announced


The six episode 1989 OVA series, Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, was originally released in North America by Bandai Entertainment in 2001. Nozomi Entertainment released their own DVD collection in 2017 shortly before the Japanese release of the series on Blu-Ray. Now, two years later, fans in North America will have the opportunity to own the series in High Definition. Much like the previous DVD release, the set will contain all six episodes both the original Japanese audio and the Bandai Entertainment English dub. As bonus features, Clean Openings and Endings, a Japanese Trailer collection, Music Videos and the “All-That Gundam” short are included. The bonus features currently listed are identical to the DVD release. Much like previous releases, RightStufAnime is offering a trade-in program for fans who purchased the DVD and wish to upgrade. The program requires fans to send in their DVD copy alongside a payment of $15 US or $22.99 CAD (prices include shipping). More details on the trade-in program can be found on the RightStuf website. Scheduled for release on October 1, 2019 (and very likely to ship early from RightStuf) with an estimated price of $25.99, fans who are interested in the set can Pre-Order it from RightStufAnime now.


Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Ultra Edition Update


Announced at last year’s Anime Expothere has finally been an update on the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Ultra Edition Blu-Ray set. Unfortunately, while previously announced as releasing in 2019, the set has been delayed to 2020 to make sure that the set is the highest quality possible. At the panel it was stated that the new English dub is complete and development is going well for the physical bonuses set to be included. The set is still planned to include the new NYAV Post dub, as well as the original Bandai Entertainment English Dub. The panelist also teased that they are planning to release Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. Stay tuned for further updates in the future.


Source: Nozomi Twitter, RightStuf Facebook Live Stream, Right Stuf Pre-Order, Trade-In Program

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