[Official Images] Complete Selection Modification Lockseed Yggdrasill Set

Premium Bandai has updated with a pre-order page for the Complete Selection Modification Lockseed Yggdrasill Set. Now, like previously released CSM Lockseed sets, these will be compatible with the CSM Sengoku Drivers and may not work with the original DX toys. Also, it has been confirmed at the “Kurokage Trooper Face Plate” will feature the sound that can be heard on the “CSM Sengoku Driver Project Ark Edition.”

The set includes:

  • Matsubokkuri Lockseed
  • Lemon Lockseed
  • Forbidden Ringo Lockseed
  • Pomegrante Lockseed
  • Blood Orange
  • Himawari Lockseed
  • Black Shadow Face Plate
  • Duke Face Plate
  • Idun Face Plate
  • Blood Orange Armor Face Plate
  • Black Shadow Trooper Face Plate

Pre-orders for the set will open later tonight, and will close on March 8 if orders are not maxed out. The set will be released in July 2022, so those who are interested in securing a set early should contact their preferred middleman for more details. Whereas, for those who are willing to wait, they should expect Bluefin Brands/ Team Rider to reveal release details in the near future.

Source: Premium Bandai


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