[Official Images] Hasbropulse Con 2020 Power Rangers

Day two of Hasbro PulseCon is currently underway and during the event they revealed several new Power Rangers products that will be released. Pre-orders for some of the revealed products will be available at the various online retailers starting at 5 PM EST.  

The reveals include:

Power Rangers Retro – Walmart

  • Jason
  • Billy
  • Kimberly
  • Zack

Power Rangers Lightning Zeo Megazord 

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Monsters

  • Pumpkin Rapper
  • King Sphinx

Power Rangers Lightning Collection VS

  • SPD B-Squad VS A-Squad Blue Ranger
  • In Space Red VS Astronema


Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 7

  • Dino Thunder Red
  • MMPR Green Ranger
  • Z Putty
  • MMPR White Ranger – Not Pictured

Metallic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink (Kat) – Pulse 

Spectrum Series – Target

  • Dino Thunder Red 
  • MMPR Green Ranger
  • Z Putty
  • White Ranger

Source: Hasbropulse

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