[Official Images] S.H.Figuarts Izu

Premium Bandai has updated their official website with the pre-order page for S.H.Figuarts Izu. For those who are unaware, Izu is the main Secretary-Type Humagear featured in Kamen Rider Zero. In the series, Izu is specifically created by Hiden Intelligence CEO Korenosuke Hiden, as a replacement to her “brother” Wazu Nazotoku. However, after the death of Korenosuke Hiden, Izu currently serves the new CEO and Korenosuke’s grandson, Aruto Hiden. Furthermore, the character is portrayed by actress Noa Tsurushima. Below is the official gallery from Premium Bandai:

The figure includes:

  • Attach Caliber (Attach mode)
  • Alternate face parts (smile)
  • Exchangeable Wrists (Left X2 , Right Wrists X3 , Matching hand)
  • Kamen Rider Zero One Rising Hopper Thumbs Up Hand

Pre-orders for the figure will open later today on Premium Bandai Japan, with the item being priced at 6,600 yen. Whereas, orders for the figure will be released this December. For those who are interested in purchasing this item, they should contact their preferred middleman service for more details.

Source: Premium Bandai

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