[Official Images] Super Mini-Pla Brave Command Dagwon 02: Powered Dagwon

Today, Bandai officially announced the release details for the next Brave Command Dagwon release within the Super Mini-Pla line. For those unaware, Brave Command Dagwon is seventh installment within the Brave series, which precedes The King of Braves, GaoGaiGar. The series features high school students being recruited to join an intergalactic police force and become the Dagwon. Their mission is to defend the Earth from the invasion of Sargasso prisoners who seized control of the space prison. Members of the Dagwon go through various tokusatsu-like transformations before joining with their vehicles to form the mecha. The main mecha is Fire Dagwon, a combination of En Daidouji/ Fire En, Fire Stratos, and Fire Jumbo; its Super Mini-Pla was released in November 2019.

Now, the next Super Mini-Pla release will feature Fire En’s secondary mecha Fire Shovel, which allows him to transform into Power Dagwon. However, Power Dagwon can combine with Fire Dagwon to form Super Fire Dagwon, which the Super Mini-Pla will recreate. In addition, the Super Mini-Pla Power Dagwon set will consist of display stages, optional weapon attachments, and transformation miniatures for the main vehicles/ combinations. Furthermore, the set will allow fans to build a Shodo-like Fire En figure. Below is the official gallery from Bandai:

Super Mini-Pla Brave Command Dagwon Volume 2 Power Dagwon is a retail release scheduled for May 2021. The set is being sold 6435 yen, but single parts can be purchased in Japan for 1500 yen. Pre-orders for this set are estimated to open soon at most online retailers.


Source: Bandai

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