Paramount & Hasbro to Produce Two Transformers Movies: Bumblebee 2 & Beast Wars

Yesterday, Variety reported that Paramount Pictures is progress with their revamp of Hasbro’s live-action Transformers films series, following the success of Bumblebee. The intent of their new plan is to produce multiple films with branching storylines within the franchise. Also, Variety exclaimed that two scripts are simultaneously in active development: one written by Joby Harold and the other by James Vanderbilt.

James Vanderbilt (left), Joby Harold (right)

However later that day, Deadline reported additional news that the Vanderbilt project is a live-action adaptation of the 90’s Transformers sequel/ spin-off Beast Wars. The film will work towards reintroducing fans to the highly popular faction, the Maximals: Optimus Primal, Rhinox, Cheetor, Rattrap and Dinobot. In addition, reintroducing their enemies the Predacons lead by the Beast Wars’ Megatron, who fans already desperately hope is voiced once again by David Kaye. Furthermore, Deadline reported that Vanderbilt has been with the project since April 2019. Whereas, the Harold is working to develop the continuation to Bumblebee, currently titled Bumblebee 2, but that title will most likely change once filming begins.

Lastly, both sources mention that the studio has not assigned directors to either production. Yet, Paramount is currently looking for directors and have begun seeking for their films’ cast. Nevertheless, Hero Club will provide more information once more updates have been provided, so please stay tuned.


Source: Variety, Deadline

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